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Version: v0.15


Schema View

This module provides a consistent query language so that your modules can effortlessly store and retrieve persistent data.
It also acts as a CMS, facilitating the management of custom content types through the generation of db level schemas, the creation and manipulation of schema document entries and the registration of fine-tuned custom endpoints.
You even get (optional) auto-generated CRUD endpoints for your custom schemas!

Content is delivered through REST and GraphQL APIs.

We currently support MongoDB and PostgreSQL (default: MongoDB).


  • Supports MongoDB
  • Supports PostgreSQL
  • Consistent Query Language (based on MongoDB)
  • CMS
    • Creation of custom content types (schema)
    • Create db collections based on said types
    • Create db collection entries
    • Auto-generated CRUD routes
    • Create powerful custom endpoints
    • Expose content through GraphQL
    • Expose content through REST API
    • Pagination
    • Sorting
    • GraphQL-style 'populate' field for REST APIs


This module requires a functional installation of MongoDB or PostgreSQL.

Minimum Configuration

This module requires no configuration.

Environmental Variables

CONDUIT_SERVERTrueConduit Core's address and port0.0.0.0:55152
SERVICE_URLFalseThis should be where this service listens on. If behind a LB it should point to the LB's IP/DNS0.0.0.0:56154
GRPC_PORTFalsePort to be used by the gRPC server56154
DB_TYPEFalseDatabase engine (mongodb/sql)mongodb
DB_CONN_URIFalseDatabase connection stringmongodb+srv://user:pass@host/db
GRCP_KEYFalseSpecifying a secret enables gRPC signed request protectionsomeRandomSecret