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Version: v0.15


Authentication Module

This module offers user authentication.
It supports logins with local credentials as well as popular identity providers.
TwoFactor authentication is also provided, with support for phone OTP and QR code.
Magic links are also supported, which can be used to log in without a password.


  • Local authentication with email/password
    • Optional email verification (requires Email module)
    • Forgot password
    • Reset password
  • Integration with third-party auth providers
    • Apple
    • BitBucket
    • Facebook
    • Figma
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
    • Google
    • LinkedIn
    • Microsoft
    • Reddit
    • Slack
    • Twitch
    • Twitter
  • Service account / API key
  • Magic Link
  • Optional 2FA supported on all strategies (requires SMS module)
  • Optional account linking (supported when email is the same between providers)


  • Email (optional: local authentication + email verification)
  • SMS (optional: mobile authentication)

Minimum Configuration

This module requires no configuration to get started.
Utilizes the Local Authentication strategy by default.

Environmental Variables

CONDUIT_SERVERTrueConduit Core's address and port0.0.0.0:55152
SERVICE_URLFalseThis should be where this service listens on. If behind a LB it should point to the LB's IP/DNS0.0.0.0:56154
GRPC_PORTFalsePort to be used by the gRPC server56154
GRCP_KEYFalseSpecifying a secret enables gRPC signed request protectionsomeRandomSecret