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Version: v0.15


Minimum Configuration

This module requires no configuration.

Environmental Variables

REDIS_HOSTTrueRedis host to be usedlocalhost
REDIS_PORTTrueRedis port to be used6379
ADMIN_HTTP_PORTFalsePort to be used by admin REST and GraphQL APIs3030
ADMIN_SOCKET_PORTFalsePort to be used by admin WebSocket API3031
GRPC_PORTFalsePort to be used by the gRPC server55152
MASTER_KEYFalseA secret string to be used for admin request header authorizationM4ST3RK3Y
GRCP_KEYFalseSpecifying a secret enables gRPC signed request protectionsomeRandomSecret
SERVICE_MONITOR_INTERVAL_MSFalseService discovery monitor interval in ms (default: 30000)5000
SERVICE_RECONN_RETRIESFalseReconnection attempts before removal of offline services (default: 5)5
SERVICE_RECONN_INIT_MSFalseInitial delay for linear backoff reconnection to offline services in ms (default: 250) 125

gRPC Request Protection

This is an optional feature meant to further secure module intercommunication.
When enabled, Conduit and all of its modules make use of a common secret string to sign their outgoing and verify the authenticity of their incoming remote process calls.

This feature should not be used as a replacement for deployment network level whitelisting.
It does not encrypt gRPC requests either.

To enable it, simply specify a secret string to GRPC_KEY for every single Core or module instance you're going to deploy.