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Version: v0.14

Getting Started


# Option A: Just give me a barebones setup of the latest Conduit release (includes Authentication)
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy

# Option B: I wish to bring up extra modules and perform some basic configuration
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy --config

At this point, you should have a functional Authentication instance.
You can now, create and manipulate users through the Admin Panel.

Using the Admin Panel

The Users tab is where User manipulation takes place.

authentication overview


Let's talk about creating, editing and deleting users.


A basic operation you may want to perform is creating a user.

create user


By clicking the corresponding edit button, you'll see the edit pop-up window.

Edit user

You can either change your email or add you phone number.
In case that you want to enable 2FA, fill-in the phone field and tick the corresponding box.


In order to delete multiple users at once, select the users that you want to delete and click the corresponding button.