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Version: v0.14


Minimum Configuration

This module requires no configuration.

Environmental Variables

REDIS_HOSTTrueRedis host to be usedlocalhost
REDIS_PORTTrueRedis port to be used6379
ADMIN_HTTP_PORTFalsePort to be used by admin REST and GraphQL APIs3030
ADMIN_SOCKET_PORTFalsePort to be used by admin WebSocket API3031
SERVICE_PORTFalsePort to be used by the gRPC server55152
MASTER_KEYFalseA secret string to be used for admin request header authorizationM4ST3RK3Y
GRCP_KEYFalseSpecifying a secret enables gRPC signed request protectionsomeRandomSecret

gRPC Request Protection

This is an optional feature meant to further secure module intercommunication.
When enabled, Conduit and all of its modules make use of a common secret string to sign their outgoing and verify the authenticity of their incoming remote process calls.

This feature should not be used as a replacement for deployment network level whitelisting.
It does not encrypt gRPC requests either.

To enable it, simply specify a secret string to GRPC_KEY for every single Core or module instance you're going to deploy.