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Version: v0.14

Admin Panel

Admin Panel Login

Default credentials are: admin/admin

The Admin Panel is the command center for everything and anything you'd want to do with Conduit.
From here, you can create schemas and manage custom endpoints, manipulate data, configure authentication methods, administer users, and honestly so much more!

Simply said, it's a dashboard that's meant to take care of all the tedious bits that come with managing a deployment and let you spend your time on the things that actually matter.

Admin Panel Home

The navigation pane on your left lists every available module your Conduit instance is aware of.
Offline modules are presented at the bottom.
It also provides you with a settings page for your backend's core configuration and a log out button.

Click that juicy Documentation button on the top-right of your homepage in case you ever lose your way back here.
Who knows? Maybe by the time you do we'll have finally finished these docs 😅.

Each module's functionality and individual configuration is exposed in its own separate page accessible from the navigation pane.
Choose a module and see what's available. I'll be picking my trusty Database module.

Database Schema View

Configurable modules offer a Settings tab where you can view and update their configuration.
You can find additional information on module-specific administration pages in their respective section of the Modules section.