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Version: v0.14


Getting Conduit

9 out of 10 successful backend engineers agree downloading software drastically increases the chances of running it!
The odd one is renting their backend from a megacorp, but we are not here to judge anyone, are we?

There are multiple ways to get started with Conduit.
You could build it from source or you could use our prebuilt container images.
We'll pick the latter in this case, but feel free to choose any installation method you prefer.

If you're not going to use the automated approach listed below, make sure you're not mix and matching different major versions of Conduit, modules or Conduit-UI (Admin Panel), otherwise you might face incompatibilities!

Using Conduit's CLI

Conduit and all of our official modules are available as container images on both DockerHub and the GitHub's Container Registry.
You can pull and configure them yourself however you see fit, but you don't wanna do that just to test things locally do you?
Yeah, thought so. Thankfully, it just so happens we've built a handy little something to automate everything for you!

First things first, make sure Docker is installed and configured so that you are capable of executing docker commands without sudo (by adding your user to the docker group).

You're also going to need some form of support for docker compose.
Conduit's CLI supports both v2 and v1. The former comes pre-installed with the latest versions of Docker desktop.

The following example makes use of npm.
If you'd rather not install node or go through npm you may still use the CLI through a native package option.

Bootstrapping a local deployment
# Option A: Just give me a barebones setup of the latest Conduit release
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy setup

# Option B: I wish to bring up extra modules and perform some basic configuration
npx @conduitplatform/cli deploy setup --config

Upon completion, the above should bring up Conduit's admin panel in your browser.
Default administration credentials are admin/admin.

Tell me more about this CLI of yours

Does this actually work?

Sure, we printed out a bunch of catchy stuff in a terminal and would you look at that? we even used emojis too!
But how do you know this is actually the real deal?
I mean... the panel has a dark mode! And that login page had a cool SVG... Surely that's enough to convince you?
No? People are too suspicious these days 😢.

Why don't you have a look at our Getting Started guide?
It should help reassure you this is all actually legit stuff 👌.

Bottom line is Conduit should solve every single one of your problems, including your carpal tunnel syndrome, no matter how you install it.
Unless it won't... at this point you might wanna open a feature request or shoot us a message over on our community platforms and let us know about it.